Renapro® Shot

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Renapro® Shot is a nutritional supplement that is high in protein (20g), low in energy (100kcal) and comes in a relatively low volume (60ml).

It’s not nutritionally complete and is given to patients who are protein deficient, either as an oral preparation or as a tube feed.

Renapro® Shot is available in 3 flavours, wild berry, peach and cola. In terms of tolerability, Renapro® Shot is halal certified, kosher certified, milk free, classified as non-allergenic but may not be suitable for vegetarians as it contains beef derivatives.

Renapro® Shot should be shaken before use and is then ready to drink. It can be diluted with water or added directly into hot or cold foods, drinks, or other supplements.

Renapro® Shot must be used under medical supervision. See patient information leaflet for more information.