GlobiFer Forte®

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Globifer Forte® is a food supplement containing Haem and Non-Haem Iron. This dual acting iron supplement has Haem Iron for minimal gastro intestinal side effects and excellent iron absorption.

“GlobiFer Forte® contains haem iron, which offers greater iron absorption without the unwanted side effects of traditional iron supplements.”

Dr T Iqbal . Consultant Gastroenrologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.

“I would recommend GlobiFer Forte® as a more natural way than high dose ferrous iron tablets to get the iron that you need.”

Dr Ivor Cavill, Department of Haematology, University of Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff.

Globifer Forte® is highly suitable for people who have experienced difficulty in tolerating oral iron tablets due to GI side effects and constipation.

Globifer Forte® is a single tablet which can be taken with food or without food. Further information available from

Globifer Forte® is a consumer health product which means that it can be purchased by the public directly from Stanningley Pharma, or  specific pharmacies or heath food stores.